Fishing at Bearkat chalets

Catch record rainbow trout on a dry fly within 15 minutes from the lodge!
One of the top dry fly fishing destinations in North America lies within 10 minutes from Bearkat! 800 miles upstream from where the Columbia joins the Pacific Ocean is a stretch of river that flows from the Canada/ US border at Waneta up through Trail, BC and north to Castlegar, BC.
“Formed by the confluence of the Columbia River just below Hugh Keenleyside Dam and the Kootenay River below a series of five hydroelectric dams, the huge reservoir system upstream and the volume of water coming from the bottom-release dams, make the Columbia one of the biggest tailwater trout fisheries in the world”.
Source: BC's Best Dry Fly Fishing - article by Ross Purnell

Rainbows gather in football field sized back eddies, such as the Little Slough Eddy located across from the Trail Rossland Country Club, to take a break from strong currents and feast on a re-circulating smorgasbord of millions of caddis flies, midges and mayflies.  Expert guide services are available from Dwayne D’Andrea of Mountain Valley Sport Fishing and Tours, and a great resource for local fishing can be found online at Sport Fishing on the Fly.   

And now for our lakes
Kootenay Lake (west Arm) near Nelson, BC.
The largest natural body of fresh water in southern British Columbia, Kootenay Lake is perhaps best described as a bow and arrow with the 100-kilometer-long main lake being the bow, and the 30-kilometer-long West Arm being the arrow (located within a 1 hour drive of the lodge).
Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow and Bull Trout.

Slocan Lake
45 kilometers long and between 1-2.5 wide. Located along highway #6 approximately 120 km from the lodge. Large Bull trout, Rainbow and Kokanee.

Lower Arrow Lake
80km long and between 1-3 km wide, Lower Arrow Lake can be accessed from Syringa Creek Provincial Park, North of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam by Castlegar. Trolling for large Rainbow and Bull Trout is best during winter months, and Rainbow between .5 & 7kg can be caught year round.
Fishing a back eddy near Bearkat Chalets, Rossland BC

Rainbow Trout in West Kootenay BC

Trout caught flyfishing in kootenays BC